Building Services

At 87 Mann, the safety of our residents is a priority. That’s why we offer a secure property and site with keypad (number code) access to the building and each apartment/suite.

In addition, all the building entrances and common areas are monitored by Closed Circuit TV where residents have in-suite ability to view visitors arriving at the front entrance.  Residents have complete control of whom they allow to visit or enter the building.

At 87 Mann we’ve done our best to maximize parking for our residents. There are 11 spaces for cars, with secure indoor (and outdoor) bike parking & storage facilities for 60 bikes.

Because the overall cleanliness and appearance of 87 Mann is important to us for the sake of our residents, we conduct regular in-house cleaning of all common/public areas and amenities.

In-suite cleaning services are also available to residents who require additional assistance, for an extra charge. Please send your enquiries to

87 Mann has a dedicated Launderette room for its residents on the first floor, with four washers and four dryers for your convenience. Both machines are card operated. For more information or to make arrangements for your card once you are a resident, send a message to

*Residents must supply their own detergents and other laundry products and accessories.

Hey it happens…should you forget the keypad code and are unable to contact a resident to vouch for your and allow access, a 24-hour help-desk will let you in. For security reasons, the contact information is provided only at the time of signing your lease.

High-speed wireless Internet service (Wi-Fi) is made available to all residents of 87 Mann and is included in your rental fee. Service is accessible throughout the building, and all suites are pre-wired for direct connectivity, which can be subscribed to (activated) through our service provider.

Each individual on the lease is responsible for his/her equal portion of the lease amount.


We offer three easy ways for you to make rental enquiries.

  • Through a quick and easy online application
  • By phone to the at leasing office, at (613) 884-3844 , or
  • At The Spire’s premises, located at 87 Mann Avenue, Ottawa, K1N 7Z9.

Leases are for a unit (single or double) and not related to the individual renting that unit per se.

Individuals with common interests and who already know each other can sign-up together to become roommates.

If someone is interested to rent a double room but does not have a roommate, we can match tenants’ criteria and interests to suggest or help make arrangements for a suitable roommate. For more details or to make arrangements, contact the rental office, at

If a roommate decides to break his lease early, that individual is responsible for finding a suitable individual to takeover his/her portion of the lease. If necessary and appropriate, we can help to identify a suitable replacement from the waiting list.

Should you be required to depart from the residence before the end of your lease term, you are responsible to identify an individual to takeover the remaining term of your portion of the lease. Alternatively, we can help you identify a suitable individual through out waiting list.

At 87 Mann, we understand that many students arrive from outside of Ottawa, and may wish to retain their unit beyond the present school year. In those instances, residents may sublet their unit for the summer months. Acceptance is subject to approval from the property manager. All enquiries are to be made with the Property Manager for assistance to coordinate this arrangement.

My Suite

Because school and/or work are enough to worry about, we’re all about your convenience at 87 Mann. As a result, all you need is bring your suitcase…and simply move in.

All suites are fully furnished. They include all kitchenware, artwork… even a rug to pull the style and look together. And if/when you need to, bedding can be purchased from the property manager.

Since convenience is a primary concern, you don’t need to think about these things. The apartment is fully furnished.

Your kitchen is ready to work in, with key appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker) at your disposal. Even the kitchenware is also included for your convenience.

To facilitate everyday life for our residents at 87 Mann, we offer the option to engage additional house cleaning services. Those services are available at an additional fee.

To make arrangements for supplementary cleaning services or for more details, connect with the property manager, at

Again…it’s all about convenience and simplifying life for our residents. You won’t ever need to worry about unexpected or additional living expenses cropping up at The Spire. We’ve made sure to cover everything in the rental fee, including heat, hydro, water and AC… even your high-speed Internet is included.

In the event that a resident has not already paired up with someone, our Property Manager will be more than happy to help coordinate this for you. Rest assured, a thorough review of applications and personal interviews will be conducted to ensure your roommate and you are suited for cohabitation.

We realize that things can happen…often unexpectedly. And when it affects your lives directly, you can count on immediate assistance at 87 Mann. That’s why we have an on-site Superintendent to take care of those things. Any day, any time… if there’s a problem, he’s within reach of our residents.

Contact information of The Site Super will be provided at the time of signing your lease.

For your convenience, your rental fee at 87 Mann covers these utilities:

  • Heat
  • Hydro
  • Water
  • Air Conditioning
  • Internet connectivity and access

Each unit is assigned its own in-house mailbox, which will be disclosed and access provided to at the time of signing the lease.

The Spire at 87 Mann makes it simple and convenient for residents to transmit their monthly rental payments, with two options:

  • email money transfers
  • wire transfers
  • certified or personal cheques
  • credit cards

Though not obligatory, it is highly recommended that residents purchase Tenant Insurance so that your personal belongings are covered in the event of theft, fire or other disasters.

We are happy to refer you to our recommended insurance broker where you will benefit from special rates and exceptional customer service if/when you wish to make this purchase.

If we haven’t addressed one of your concerns here, be sure to connect with us. We’re anxious to put your mind at ease so you can live an inspired life, at 87 Mann.